I want the world to know what child abuse really is!

A huge thanks for all the people around the world who played my game!

After I patched all the bugs and issues, and added all the must have elements to Adam - Lost Memories, like more graphical options and hints, I think I finally going to have a solid and unique game that makes the player terrified and speachless.

From a technical standpoint, I have everything working what I needed like the save-load system, the inventory system, the realistic physics based world implementation, and all the dynamic systems connected to the player’s mental health.

Now I just have to put the game together, because everything else is already done, and tested by hundreds of players.

Besides all of the good news, sadly I have to tell you that I have a hated job in a car factory, where I currently working in three shifts, and in the end of the day I almost have no time and energy to keep this game on track.

The only way I can provide you an another hour of good quality gamaplay on June 22, if I can gain enough support, so I can only focus on the development.

If you think that my game has a potential, and you want to see more of it, I asking for your help.

Please support me on here because and I want the world to know what child abouse really is.

Thank you!

Adam Dubi


Adam - Lost Memories - Early Access - Monthly Updated
May 26, 2019
Adam - Lost Memories - 1 Hour Long Demo
May 26, 2019

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