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I spent some time reading the description properly after playing this game, it obviously has a really poignant and personal message. Really good and interesting experience 🙂



Thank you Adam for reaching out and providing a key for this phenomenal experience. Immersive and really touched on me a emotional level. A few bug issues here and there, but I overcame them all. This is the full demo and I can't wait to see what you do in future with this amazing project!   

Hi Adam, first of all, thanks for the email & thanks for a copy of the game.

I really enjoyed what you have created here & it goes to show in the length of time you have put into this just exactly what you can achieve. I honestly think you have a triple A calibre game here, something that I feel should be published properly. It's very rare these days that you find something like this with so much polish for an indie developer.

Your art direction takes clear inspiration from the likes of Silent Hill & H R Geiger, something that the two marry well together. 

This game spooked the hell out of me, another great aspect of any horror game. The atmosphere & attention to detail make it very striking when playing. There were several points in the video I forgot I was recording because I was just so drawn to the whole world you have created.

One thing I would like to mention though is, when I am finally getting hunted by the monster, I have started the generator and attached the valve & used the wrench to tighten, however the gate still does not open. It keeps saying rotate on the valve. Is this a known bug at all? If so, I can't get passed it, so my video only shows up until this point.

Please find my video below. Hope you all enjoy.

P.S - Please do not message me asking for a download link. You really won't regret buying this for 5.99. Please support the developer so he can continue making great games like this.

Thank you for play my game and all of the kind words.
I have investigated around 50 bugs in the past 3 days after release, and packaged the game in every five hours to put the new bug free releases up in there. (3 day no sleep bug fixing rush basically)

I'm sorry about that you have ran in to this bug, but now it's fixed like the others.
I have redesigned some elements of the game to make it more playable, because thankfully I've got so many really great feedback in these days like yours.

Thank you.

Adam Dubi

Thank you Adam.

I will be doing a follow up video at the end of the week because I really want to progress & see more of this great game that you have crafted.


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Amazing Atmosphere, sound design and level design are on point, making you see stuff out of the corner of your eye and sometimes asking yourself if it's really even there. Story is interesting with future updates set to unveil more as the game goes on. Definitely worth it.

the game is really good so far!  The atmosphere is incredible to!  


So far, color me impressed! The atmosphere and environmental detail are of AAA quality and so far the game has managed to keep the player in control 100% of the time. I'm looking forward to digging a bit more into the narrative of the game as I ran into a bit of a hiccup early on, but I see that you've already sent out an update fixing exactly that. You've got some serious talent my man!

How do we go about getting the game?

Thanks for asking!
Sorry but I have internet connection difficulties yet, when the upload finishes I'm going to share it back in here asap.

The game is up now!

I think there's a bug with the door missing the handle. I tried using the bent wire on it, but it's not working. I even restarted the game, but no luck.

The truth is, that small door is actually missing a legit handle. When you opened it with the bent wire was the actual bug. You can use the wire in a ventilation hole near the ceiling in the downstairs area.
Before you proceed I definitely recommend to download the most recent release. I have internet connection difficulties but an hour and it will be up.

How do i get access to this game?

You can gain access right here, when the upload finishes I'm going to share it back in here asap, but now I have some connection issues.
Stay Tuned

The game is up now!

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I thank the developer for a key, although I definitely would've bought the game had I run into the page during my daily strolls when looking for new indie horrors, people should definitely support this developer!

Thanks so much Adam for hitting me up!

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